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Solid used cars


If you’re looking for a good quality used car there are a few that according to industry experts are worth a second look ahead of their competitors. This is because they represent good value for money as well as provide great driving pleasure and comfort. And a good value used car is not only to be found in the family car or small hatchback categories; if you’re in the market for a coupé car or a luxury vehicle, some models represent better value than others.

According to motoring magazine Auto Express the best luxury used car to get is the Mercedes S-Class because the top-end saloons quickly lose their initial hefty price tag so you can benefit from a robust top quality vehicle for a lot less than its original price. Even cars with high mileage are worth a second look as they supposedly are that robust.

The best used coupé car on the other hand is the Audi TT and the first generation of this model represents very good value for money. As with the German counterpart Mercedes, an Audi is a solid and robust car which mechanically should hold up even when older. Try to get a model with a full service history so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

But according to the motoring magazine the best car to get overall is a car in the BMW 3 series – another German in other words. Visit somewhere like BMW Bolton and you should find older 318s and 320s in excellent conditions. If you get a post 2007 version BMW they not only offer great value for money but they also emit less CO2 than previous models do.

So if you’re looking for a robust car which also has style, one of the above German offerings might just be right for you. By looking at used cars you’ll get value for money as long as you pick the right car.

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