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Road surface improvements


Are you one of many drivers who have had your car damaged due to potholes in the road? If so, brace yourself for more misery. According to a new survey commissioned by the Labour party, you won’t see any improvements in road surface maintenance for many years.

According to their survey, 70 local authorities around Britain estimate that the cost of maintaining roads was on average seven times the size of their annual road maintenance budget. And without major changes in the way road repairs are funded, it will probably take at least seven years to clear the current backlog of potholes.

According to the research, the total cost of removing  the road repair backlog is an estimated £5.357 billion while the current total combined expenditure for councils is a mere £793 million. In addition over half of the 70 councils featured in the survey were cutting back on repair budgets because of the current economic cutbacks imposed by the Coalition Government.

Labour wants an end to the current procedure of patching up the worst potholes and claims there need to be a new strategic plan for local roads which they claim will save taxpayers a fortune in the long run. The Government on the other hand say they are making £3.2 billion available in the next four year period and an additional £200 million this year to repair the damages made this last winter.

Whichever way you look at it, pothole free roads are a long way away and if the cold winters continues, the problems are probably only going to get worse.

 If you, like many others, have to take your car to somewhere such as Ford Servicing, London, because of damages caused by our poor roads, there’s little comfort in knowing that money is being invested in road surface improvements. For you it will probably be too little, too late.

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