How to Hide Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Privacy has now been considered aa a most significant element of any social media or communication portal these days. Also, millions of people are so particular and conscious about their privacy on popular Smartphone apps like WhatsApp that they want to make it confidential as much as they could. The reason behind customizing or self selection various default features by WhatsApp is because most of the users do not want strangers or other people who are not so close to them to see all their activities over the app.

WhatsApp ever since been acquired by giant Facebook last year have released a number of updates to provide its users an option to customize its privacy feature as per their consent. The one feature we are dragging into limelight is how you can hide profile picture on WhatsApp. Let’s make it clear first, this guide isn’t going to hide anything other than your profile picture, like your funny whatsApp status ideas will still be visible for others and also I’ll suggest you to set some leibe status for WhatsApp because German language is full of love and passion. Let me tell you this is the easiest thing to do with the latest version of WhatsApp, like any user can hide their profile picture on WhatsApp.

Here is how to hide Profile Picture on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp go to its “Settings” from top menu and tap “Account” then click on “Privacy” here you will see “Profile Photo” option just tap on it. You will be able to select three listed options “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”.

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So, if you want that no one to see your WhatsApp profile photo, simply select the last option “Nobody”. If selected “nobody” no one other than you will be able to see your set profile picture on your WhatsApp profile anymore. In fact, your profile photo will be automatically hidden from all WhatsApp users. And this will remain hidden until you will not change and select any other option like “My Contacts”, which will allow your added contacts to only view your set profile photo. And if you will opt to choose “Everyone”, any of the WhatsApp registered user will be able to witness your profile phone whether it is added in your contact list or not.

This how any WhatsApp user can hide his profile photo from the eyes of other WhatsApp users by selecting nobody option from the profile photo privacy settings of the WhatsApp. Also, there are two other options available to pick and chose if you want your contacts to view it, or make it public for any WhatsApp user to be able to view – by selecting the option for everyone.

Choose the option you want to use and take effect on your profile photo privacy and make it private.


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