Ordering Wedding Cake

wedding venues near hemel hempstead are never complete without a cake. Accompanied by weddings string quartet, this centrepiece is usually displayed in style. Besides this, it marks the epitome of the festivity and is thus an important part of the ceremony. So what should the bride look out for when selecting the cake for her wedding?

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Every wedding has a theme which mostly represents the couple's style, perception or even a way of life. It is therefore important for the cake to blend in. for a traditional wedding, a traditional cake would blend in perfectly. The shape of the cake may resemble things the couple love. For a musician for example, a musical instrument would be a nice expression of his or her life. The couple may choose to have the cake in the theme colours or it may have its own colour.


The shelf life of a cake will highly depend on the ingredients used in its preparation. There are those cakes that will only last for a few days while others have the ability to last for a longer period say a month. The couple should decide on what they want and then consult a baker. For weddings that take several days, it is important for the couple to have a cake that can stay for the whole period without getting spoilt.


This will vary due to several factors. The size of the cake and the ingredients used are the major determinants. The brand name of the baker and their location has a high level of influence on the cost of the cake. Besides this, the level of customization required will have a bearing on the price. The cost should be well within the budget of the couple to prevent incurring debts or excess expenses.


There are those bakers who are always on high demand. These bakers may be a little bit more expensive. But they may also be booked out especially during the holiday seasons. This necessitates very early booking. In such a case, you will be required to start planning very early. It is not wise to select bakers without a reputation. They may be cheap but you may not be certain on the quality of wedding cakes. Once you have identified the baker, meeting them in person and validating their work is advisable. You then work up the plan and the cost schedules.

Mistakes that people make

The first is to have too many people working on your cake design and flavour. This will lead to delays as the baker will be confused on what to do. As the couple, you should make sure you get what you want. Too much advice may be counterproductive. Late booking or late submissions of design and colour may not always work. You will either get a cake that is not satisfactorily baked or will have to make special arrangements. Avoid conducting all your deals online as you may be dealing with a con artiste without your knowledge. Physically visit the bakery and meet the proprietor or owner and discuss things over.

At the end of the day, you will have the cake you desire for your wedding. The ultimate goal is to have something that will complete the whole wedding experience. Do not compromise on the cake for your wedding. It is a special day and everything needs to make you feel special.